The Fastest & Most Flexible
Countertop Services in Rolla, MO

More important than the services we offer, is that we have respected and listened to you, while doing a good job. Your happiness with us is more important than money.

Big Box Top Cutting

We will gladly accept your money to cut tops you buy from other sources. No judgment.

Easy Countertop Selection & DIY Options

In our shop, you can expect a zero pressure sales experience. We'll turn you loose to look at everything we offer or ask a few questions and narrow your scope to avoid the dreaded overwhelmed feeling you despise. If you want to cut and/or install the countertops yourself, no problem, we make it quick and easy to select and load your countertops.

Same Day Cutting

We stock several types of laminate and butcher block tops that can be cut the same day to keep your project rolling. Order before 10:00 a.m. if you can. If its after 10 try anyway, you might get lucky.

In Home Shopping

We'll bring samples to you! While we're there we'll measure your project for dependable pricing.

Countertop Removal & Disposal

We can unhook your sink and dishwasher and remove and haul off your old tops. You are welcome to perform this work yourself.

Installation and Plumbing

All seamed stone and corian jobs need to be installed by us. You are welcome to install laminate or butcher block tops yourself if you'd like or we can gladly install those for you. We do not offer plumbing but coordinate with reputable plumbers in your area.

Tile Backsplash

We are happy to measure for an accurate quote for tile back splashes while we are in your home.